Spanish Artist Lazcano Large Painting Portrays Zhangjiajie

Lazcano graduated from college of the fine arts, University of the Basque Country, and became an expert in the oil painting department of this university now. He once painted a 7-meter Bilbao panorama for the Shanghai World Exposition.

In Lazcano’s first Beijing solo exhibition held recently, most of his large works are retrospective exhibition of Bilbao Gallery. Among all, one large painting named Zhangjiajie describing the fascinating scenery, the mountains surrounded by cloud and mist, catching much attention. It is hard for one even to imagine that this kind of Chinese fine scenery is created by a foreign artist.

Lazcano introduced, this was a new content, new understanding totally. He made an attempt from his own perspective.

This kind of trial brings in Chinese culture, Chinese landscape, and in the eyes of himself , draws up typical Chinese mountains and water——Zhangjiajie.

Translated by Becky