Some Tips for Your Winter Trip to Zhangjiajie

1, The overall environment: most of Zhangjiajie vegetations are evergreen, so no silent swish of falling leaves and lifelessness even in winter. Instead, Zhangjiajie mountains and water still keep spiritual and vigorous.

2, Winter weather: You’d better get to know something about Zhangjiajie weather condition for fear of overcast and rainy days, before you decide to pay a visit. If you are lucky enough, you may encounter snow, which is a kind of blessing during your winter trip.

3, Preferential policies: Parts of scenic spots have sales promotion, so please pay close attention to official announcement.

4, Accommodation: Downtown hotels tend to have a high use ratio, with normal heating generally. Comparably speaking, baddish hotels within the scenic spots are slightly worse.

5, Transportation: Trains hardly show any differences both in off seasons and boom seasons. However, airplanes change largely, because sometimes a few airlines may decrease or even stop their scheduled flights.

Translated by Becky