Sixth Fenghuang Miao Silver Ornaments & Costume Festival

The Third China (Fenghuang) Folk Customs Biennale Exhibition and the Sixth China (Fenghuang) Miao Silver Ornaments & Costume Festival will kick off at Fenghuang Cultural Tourism Industrial Park on 28 October, 2017.

Themed “Chinese Traditions, Xiangxi Culture”, the exhibition will last till November 1. A variety of activities will be held, including “Trips to Xiangxi Traditional Villages” National Photography Contest, “All-for-one Tourism and Fenghuang Rural Tourism” National Photography Contest, invitational exhibition, cooperativephotographers exhibition, and “Fenghuang Rural Tourism Travel Routes” VCR presentation.

Xiangxi folk custom, diversified culture, and cultural inheritance and protection will be displayed. A total of 7,800 excellent photographs collected nationwide will be exhibited to showcase the life, cultural activities, architectures, and customs of different countries.

The three-day festival includes Miao Costume Exhibition, Fashion Show of Miao Ethnic Group, and Summit Forum on the Inheritance and Development of Miao Silver Ornaments & Costume. Fifteen teams from Yunnan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, and Hunan will stage performances in Fenghuang to demonstrate the charm of Miao silver ornaments & costume.

Source from EnjoyChangsha