2017 Zhangjiajie Folk Song Festival on November

The 2017 Zhangjiajie (Sangzhi) Folk Song Festival will take place on November 10 in Sangzhi County, the hometown of Chinese famous military leader He Long, and the cradle of folk song.

Compared with the previous sessions, this year highlights more singers, innovative folk songs, and more promotional activities, including “Sangzhi Folk Song Singer” Contest, “3+1” chorus, Sangzhi travel promotion, local product fair, and art performances. 

Sangzhi Folk Song was included into the first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritages in 2006.

About Sangzhi Folk Song

Located at the north of Wuling mountain range, Sangzhi County is inhabited by 17 ethnic groups, such as Tujia and Miao people. It boasts beautiful natural sceneries with surrounding mountains and babbling brooks.

For centuries, Sangzhi people lived a relatively isolated life, and produced distinctive culture, including Sangzhi Folk Song. The folk songs originated from work songs, and played a role in people’s communication and emotion expression.

Sangzhi folk songs is typically composed of three lines, which is different to most Chinese traditional folk songs. It's a manifestation of Sangzhi people's worship to the number "three". The lyrics of Sangzhi Folk Song mainly focus on beautiful scenery, diligent work, and sincere love.

Source from ZhangjiajieBK.COM