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Shaoshan Folk Song Listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hunan

Shaoshan folk song has been listed among the third batch of Hunan’s intangible cultural heritage items issued recently. Shaoshan City is pleased to announce Mao Aixia and Mao Jiyu as representative inheritors of the city’s first intangible cultural heritage items.

Legend has it that Emperor Shun once played Shao (music of Shun) on Shaoshan Mountain during his southbound trip and “when all nine parts of Xiaoshao music were completed, phoenix arrived appropriately”, hence the place was named Shaoshan.

In the gradual blending of the gentle and soft Shao music with local customs throughout history, the Shaoshan folk song, featuring varied tunes and beautiful melody, takes shape.

Translator: Liu Fen

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal