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Premier Wen Jiabao Made an Investigation in Xiangxi

On May 25 to 27, premier Wen Jiabao came to Guzhang county, Jishou city, and Huayuan county lying in Tujia and Miao autonomous region of western Hunan, to do the research aiming at promoting the development of the Poverty-stricken areas. Having gone deep into the heart of the mountains and visited the villages, farmers, schools as well as enterprises, he got known the production and life situation of the local people. Besides, he hosted a work discussion meeting about helping the poor and making substantial progress.

On-the-spot investigation on the longest hanging bridge of the world

On Friday afternoon, premier Wen investigated the Shutouxi and Morong town of Guzhang, the county settling in the deep heart of WulingMountain. The next morning, he tended to the Aizhai hanging bridge just built and opened the traffic. With the length of 1176 meters and the biggest span between canyons among the worldwide, this steel truss hanging bridge was regarded as an important poverty alleviation capital project.

After that, premier Wen visited Gongjianao village of Zhangjiajie and Guzhang county of western Hunan successively. At the same time, he gave sincere greeting to the teachers and students in Shuangxi and Maoping village of Guzhang.

Saturday afternoon, Wen Jiabao chaired the cross-province poverty alleviation discussion meeting of Wuling area in Jishou.

Translated by Symbol