Schedule for Orange Isle Fireworks Show 2018

The Orange Isle fireworks show displayed on weekends is one of must-sees in Changsha. Nine fireworks shows will be arranged for 2018. The first fireworks show will be displayed at 20:30-20:50 on January 1, 2018. 

The schedule is as follows:

1.January 1,New Year’s Day

2.February 15,Spring Festival eve

3.March 2,Lantern Festival

4.May 1,Labor Day

5.June 18,Dragon Boat Festival

6.July 1,Birthday of the Communist Party of China

7.August 1,Army Day

8.September 24,Mid-Autumn Festival

9.October 1,National Day

Best places for viewing

☆Du Fu Pavilion and its surroundings

☆Siyangfangzun (four sheep statue) Square

☆Fengfan (sail) Square

☆The observation deck on the top of Yuelu Mountain

The best way to get there:

Take Changsha Subway Line 2 to Xiangjiang Middle Road Station, and then walk to Du Fu Pavilion