Denmark national tourism director in love with "Zhangjiajie"

"I sincerely hope that Zhangjiajie will lead the world!" Flemming Bruh said in an interview with reporters on December 14, 2017,And the receipt of the album gift "Zhangjiajie, China" is very like.This album "Zhangjiajie, China" was created and published by Hunan's-Mr. Peng Zhongming in 2010, and has become one of the important publicity materials for people in Denmark and even Europe to understand the customs and culture of Zhangjiajie.  

Mr. Flemming Bruh was extremely surprised when he saw the pictures in this album that reflect the beautiful landscapes of Zhangjiajie. He was amazed at the mountains of "One root and one root" in the world. She also expressed the expectation of her early visit to Avatar Wonderland in Zhangjiajie.

Source from Deng Daoli