Famous Wire-walker Freddie Knocker Will Challenge Tianmenshan Again

On June 28th, An astounding and breath-taking extreme challenge performance is to be put on at Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan scenic area. Freddie Knocker,King of wire walker will challenge the steepest wire at Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan mountain cableway without protection. In spite of low winning rate, He will try his best to challenge himself and create a miracle. 49-year-old Knocker comes from a family of acrobats. He have studied all kinds of acrobatics about balance under the influence of his father since he was 4. To him, Skyscrapers,high mountains, Sea are safe zone.

On March 20th, 2010, He with Saimaiti,A contender from Xijiang,The northwest of China challenged Tianmenshan Cableway, But both failed in the end. Knocker sticked longer, But had to give up when walked 200 meters, for the wire under the foot is shaking continuously. Thus, The world thinks this task is impossible. No doubt that Knocker showed us tremendous courage for he will challenge it again this year. Let’s just hope he will make his dream come true and wait to see what will happen.

Tranlsated by Zumi