Russian Culture Minister Meets with Zhangjiajie Circus City

November 17, 2017, During the Sixth St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum,Vladimir Mezinski, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation meets with Zhangjiajie Circus City,He asked about the progress of the travel and cultural cooperation project - Zhangjiajie Circus City.Mr.Mao Zhiping, Chairman of Zhangjiajie Dacheng Shanshui International Hotel, and Mr. Edgardade Zapashish, Head of the Moscow State Circus in Moscow, participated for nearly an hour.Russian President Putin also attended this event!

During nearly an hour of interview, Minister Mezinski carefully read each page of the circus design drawings and asked in detail about the progress of the project. He said humorously that Zhangjiajie International Circus City, looking forward to cooperation and development, is as majestic as the Great Wall in the magic movie Great Wall. He also looks forward to the direct flights from Zhangjiajie International Airport to Russia after the project is completed.

Translated by SHUIRE