Pushi Ancient Town Celebrates Traditional Chinese Ghost Festival

The 2015 China Pushi Hungry Ghost Festival was celebrated in the famous historical and cultural town--Pushi Ancient Town of Luxi County on August 25, 2015. Pushi Hungry Ghost Festival is one of the traditional festivals in Luxi. During the festival, the locals will hold large ceremonies to worship deceased ancestors, relatives and friends, carry forward the traditional morality of loyalty and filial piety, and pray for good weather, peace and prosperity.

In Chinese culture, the fifteenth day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar is called Hungry Ghost Day and the seventh month in general is regarded as the Ghost Month, in which ghosts and spirits, including those of the deceased ancestors, come out from the lower realm. Distinct from both the Qingming Festival (in spring) and Double Ninth Festival (in autumn) in which living descendants pay homage to their deceased ancestors, during Ghost Festival, the deceased are believed to visit the living. (Source: Wikipedia)

Translator: Lv Xuefen

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal