Public Activity Ice Barrel Challenge Was Held in Zhangjiajie

In order to let every child in poor school of Zhangjiajie is in possess of a new class desk, Zhangjiajie Ice Barrel Public-spirited Activity was held to collect donation for purchansing new desk for those children. This project was coordinted by Zhangjiajie Volunteering Group-Backpacking on One More Kilo, Hetian Estate Limited, Micro Zhangjiajie, China International Travel Agent of Zhangjiajie.

This public activity “Ice Barrel Challenge Competition” was aiming to make more people have knowledge of those poor school in Zhangjiajie and encourge more people to donate their loving heart.

During this activity, challenger will publically challenge 3 of his or her friends to take this ice barrel challenge within 24 hours. Those who were invited have to either take this ice barrel challenge or donate a new set of desk for poor school. You could also choose to do both and appoint other three challengers after that.

By Patricia