Beautiful Shorttube Lycoris Are in Blossom in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan

With arrival of autumn, A season of flowers, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenic zone has stippled with the sea of shorttube lycoris. Red, White, Yellow, Pink lycoris flowers are interwoven together and has attracted a lot of butterflies’ resting on.

Beautiful shorttube lycoris are maily in blossom in plum garden of Yellow Stone Village, Borders of Golden Whip Stream, River side of Suoxi Stream and Square of Yellow Dragon Cave. It prefers to shady and moist environment and is of strong cold and drought resistance. Sour, loose and fertile soil is best for its growth. Shorttube Lycoris looks like a small colorful umbrella with straight scape as high as 30cm to 60cm. It is also of long blossom period which can last until October.

Shorttube Lycoris is a kind of appreciation plant which is either of leave and no flower or of flower and no leave. It is not only of good looking but also of high medical value of which rootstock could used to treat infantile paralysis, cancer and so on.

By Patricia