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Promotion Seminar for Zhangjiajie Travel Projects Entered Kunming

Taking “Fresh air, Clean water, Green foods, Letting Zhangjiajie become a part of your life” as theme, promotion seminar for Zhangjiajie travel projects was held in spring city Kunming. The deputy director general of Kunming Tourist Administration Wang Jun and more than 70 travel agencies took part in this seminar.

At the seminar, subprefect of  Sangzhi government Zhu Aiming gave the welcoming address firstly. He magnificently introduced that Zhangjiajie was beautiful, green and open. At the same time, he mentioned that Zhangjiajie was a city full of opportunities, and Yunnan was one of the main visitor source markets. By the means of cooperation, he hoped that both cities would make great progress soon and gained win-win traveling market. Fresh air, clean water and green foods attracted much attention on the seminar. Many representatives indicated that they would headline this “free king for visiting” and would continue to promote Zhangjiajie.

Translated by Becky