Popular Singer Chen Chusheng will sing in Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi

Knowing from Charming Xiangxi Grand Theatre, 2007 National championship of Hunan TV’s “Happy male voice” Chen chusheng will show at March 28 in Charming Xiangxi “In search of the best tour guide’s commentaries” prize-giving grand ceremony. His deep depression and plain and fluent singing passion will reverberate in Zhangjiajie.

Mr Chen Chusheng, The mainland pop male singer after 80 years, original musicians, in addition to Hunan TV’s “Happy male voice” in 2007 national championship, also has gained the “Asia’s most potential new artist”, the country PUB singer series. Its original music album “I know you are not far from me” has won the 2013 album sales champion. This time,Mr Chen Chusheng will sing three songs.

In addition, Chen Chusheng will be regarded as a special guest for Zhangjiajie “In search of the best tour guide’s commentaries” to give special award to the winner. Which “Star” tour guide, can eventually win prize lucky for RMB 200,000 awards, and interact to sing with Mr Chen? There is no doubt that Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi will once again become the focus of all attention.

Translated by Sophia