Participants of Hunan Photography Expedition Tour Visit Chatong

On November 2, international amateur photographers visited Chatong in Border Town of Huayuan County in western Hunan.

Located at the junction of Hunan, Guizhou and Chongqing, Chatong is 25km northwest away from Huayuan County. As one of the four famous towns in western Hunan, it enjoys a long history and ancient ethnic customs. Border Town written by well-known litterateur Shen Congwen even set Chatong as the background.

At 12:30 pm, international photographers group arrived at the scenic spot. The Chatong Border Town Tourism Development Company invited the group and had an exchange meeting on promoting the local travel. During the meeting, participants shared their travel experience here, learned the long history of Chatong, and discussed together about its travel development in the future.

After the meeting, the participants crossed Qingshui River, and visited the junction of three provinces, Lala ferry port, Minglian housing block and Cuicui Island. They said the beautiful and tranquil ancient town brings them a long-lost feeling of comfort.

Tomorrow morning, the group will leave for a tour of Aizhai Suspension Bridge, the world largest cross-canyon suspension bridge.

Translator: Yang Chengfei

Reporter: Xia Jianwen

Photographer: Chen Yixin

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal