Overseas Students Showcase Their Custom and Culture in Hunan

On December 5, overseas students from over 40 countries, such as Russia, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Maldives attended the Fourth World Culture Day of Hunan Normal University (HNU). They showcased their customs and culture to Chinese students through pictures, delicious homemade food, songs, dances and musical instruments. The activity is co-organized by the International Office of Exchange & Cooperation and the International College of Chinese Language and Culture of HNU.

A series of activities was held that day, including Chinese song competition, Chinese speech competition and cultural show.

Some overseas students showed their customs on exhibition boards with illustrations; some displayed their special local handicrafts; some shared special snacks with others and some performed their national songs and dances.

At present, there are almost 500 long-term and more than 1,000 short-term overseas students in HNU. HUN has also enrolled over 100 overseas correspondence students.

Overseas students from Turkey display their smoking machine.

Chinese students show their calligraphy works.

Overseas students from Korea perform dances.

Translator: Wang Rong  

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal