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Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Declared 56 New Trademarks

According to Wulingyuan Industrial and Commercial Suboffice, they have guided Yellowstone Village, Zhangjiajie Yuxiang Tribute Rice Company and many other Zhangjiajie corporations, as well as Specialized Farmer Cooperatives declare 56 trademarks this year. And they have also helped to give a declaration of one Hunan famous trademark to Hunan Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

Depending on various ways of carrying out this brand strategy, such as medium publicity, training and distribute leaflets, Wuliingyuan Industrial and Commercial Suboffice help operators improve their brand awareness, lead them broaden market by virtue of trademark strategy and encourage all companies in Wulingyuan to create well-known brands actively.

Up to now, Wulingyuan district has already owned 1 top China brand.

Translated by Becky