Over 10 Billion yuan will be Invested in Western Hunan Travel

Recently, Western Hunan Cultural travel industry integrative development initiative was held in Zhangjiajie.

At this initiative, attendees put forward that Hunan province will take Zhangjiajie as the bibcock, and take Fenghuang and Langshan as 2 tourist centers to build 4 high-quality tourist belt on the basis of 5 cities: Zhangjiajie, Changde, Jishou, Huaihua and Shaoyang.

According to Hunan Tourist Administration, They will put emphasis on supporting ancient stronghold’s application for the list of world heritage, Langshan’s creating another 5A scenic spot. They will try to build more than six 4A scenic spots in western Hunan in 2014. At the same time, they will work hard for getting the goals that receiving 0.28 billion visitors and achieving a tourist revenue of more than 300 billion yuan in Western Hunan by 2020.

Translated by Becky