U.S Media Buys out the Right of“Crazy Flying across Tianmenshan”

In 2011, The first-tier “Wing outfit flyer”–Jeb Corliss who is an American and dressed in wing outfits to fly through the Tianmen Cave, which created a record of flying through the natural cave with unpowered wing outfits in the first time. Billions of people in the world have witnessed this thrilling challenge on TV or net.

There are more thrilling and complex stories behind the several-second wing outfits scene in TV. In order to remember this legendary moment and make more people to learn about the whole process of the activity, the world wing outfit federation produced the whole activity and its back story into a documentary by the blockbuster shooting, named Tianmen.

At present, the world famous documentary channel–American National Geographic Channel has bought out the right of broadcasting of Tianmen in the global and will be on the air in over ten countries’ televisions, such as Germany, France, Italy, Russia, New Zealand, Norway, Japan, South Korea, etc, from November this year. At that time, billions of audience in the world will have the chance to enjoy the fantastic “Wing outfit flying through Tianmen” documentary, as well as to appreciate the splendid scenery especially the steepness and gorgeousness of Tianmen Mount.

From 2011 to 2013, Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mount has hold three wing outfit flying events and each crazy flying has attracted huge attention from global media and audience. The 2012 1st Wing Outfit Flying Championship has been regarded “One of the top 25 excellent inventions in the world in 2012” by Time magazine. The 2nd Wing Outfit Flying Championship that just was over in this year has provoked afro-master reports from domestic media and even attracted 100 foreign media to make tracking reports. The wing outfit crazy flying has become a perfect carrier that builds up Zhangjiajie’s image in the whole world, besides, the successful marketing of Tianmen Mount has been taken as a success profile of travel resource and image propaganda and marketing.

By Crystal