Out-of-season flowering of azaleas on Zhangjiajie Mountain Tianzi

On Nov. 11th, azalea whose flowering period is supposed to be in spring on Mount Tianzi has blossomed in this cold early winter, which has surprised a lot of tourists.Several branches of azalea on a peak of Zhangjiajie Mount Tianzi is dotted with some colorful and lively buds, which is a pleasure to photographers’ eyes.

According to the local Forestry Ministry, This out-of-season flowering is due to the mild climate in recent days which changed the growth cycle of Azalea,also called Rhododendron simsii, is a category of deciduous shrubs. With brilliant colors, it is beautiful both in leaves and flowers. There are around 900 kinds and China is the country with the largest azaleas, while Zhangjiajie Tianzishan is one of the best scenic spots to enjoy its beauty. After the Tomb Sweeping Day, The azaleas on Mountain Tianzi is in full blossom.

By Brenda