Zhangjiajie Government Delegation Successfully Visited Friendly City in U.S.and Canada

Affected by the invitation of Santa Fe and Canada Whistler government, jan. 8th to 17th, deputy secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor ZhaoXiaoMing led municipal people’s government friendly city mission to visit the friendly city Santa Fe and Whistler for ten days. During the period, the mission won a warm welcome.

Mission with the purpose of “deepening understanding, enhancing friendship, strengthening study, and promoting cooperation and development”, focused on urban construction and economic development in Santa fe city and Whistler city, especially the development of travel. And strengthening the friendly cooperation and mutual benefit with friendly talks and negotiations. In urban planning, travel development and management came into the consensus. As for travel promotion, they hoped that media advertising resources became interchangeable as quickly as possible. For friendly intercourse, they would gradually establish a comprehensive, multi-level and multi-channel mechanism, to enhance friendship, deepen friendship in the development of practical cooperation and promote common prosperity and development.

Within ten days inspection, both sides not only reached consensus on many cooperation, and enhanced the friendly and mutual understanding between the cities, also saw the shortcoming between zhangjiajie and the world famous tourist destination. The most important thing that was in the travel destinations construction and management, it had broadened our horizons, learned experience, liberated thought, and updated concept.

Translated by Sophia