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North Korea Art Appears in Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave

At over 9:00am Oct 2nd, At the entrance of the Yellow Dragon Cave, The skilled dance from the performers dressed in hanbok from North Korea art troupe and the song “I am proud of you–My five-star flag” receive a blast of cheers and applause from the tourists who display satisfied smile on their faces.

“Golden Week of Yellow Dragon Cave is a good idea, because we not only enjoy the beautiful cave spectacle and idyllic scenery, but also view dance art from North Korea. It is indeed a rewarding trip!” Mr. Huang from Hubei exclaims.

It is reported from Oct 2nd to Oct 7th, Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave Investment Co., Ltd will invite the players from North Korea art troupe to give a two-hour show at 9:00am and 14:00pm every day at the entrance of the cave. It will make more people learn more about North Korea culture and remove tourists’ fatigue.

It is also said during the “Golden Week”, tourists who have meal in Yellow Dragon restaurant can enjoy idyllic scenery and Chano Pozo as well as taste delicious food.

By Crystal