New Railway to Connect Changsha and Chongqing

A new railway in the near future will connect Changsha and Chongqing city with a 4-hour train trip, saving 12 hours compared with the fastest train at present, Changsha Evening News reported.

According to Changsha railway authorities, China Railway Corporation officially approved the preliminary layout design for the Qian-Zhang-Chang Railway on Oct 12, which starts at Qianjiang station in southwestern China’s Chongqing Municipality, passing Zhangajiajie in the northwestern part of Hunan province, and ends at Changde Railway Station, also in Hunan.

The approval of the preliminary layout is an essential step after the National Development and Reform Commission’s (NDRC) approval of the feasibility report. It lays the groundwork for the construction work to start within the year.

The project was listed in the country’s Medium and Long-term Railway Network Plan (MLRNP) in 2008, and its proposal was approved by the NDRC in 2011. In July, 2014, the Ministry of Environmental Protection approved the environmental impact assessment report and in September, the NDRC approved its feasibility report.

The route begins from Qianjiang district in Chongqing, goes through 11 counties (districts) in three provinces (municipalities), including Xianfeng county and Laifeng county in Hubei province, Longshan county, Yongshun county, Sangzhi county, Yongding district, Cili county, Taoyuan county, Wuling district, and Dingcheng district in Hunan province.

The railway project is 339 kilometers in length, with 261 kilometers in Hunan province, 55 kilometers in Hubei province and 23 kilometers in Chongqing. The total investment budget has reached 37.62 billion yuan ($6.14 billion), and it will take 66 months to complete the construction.

Source: China Daily