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New Liuyang River Bridge to Start Construction Early Next Year

The Liuyang River Bridge on Sanyi Road, Changsha City, was blasted at 11:08 on December 12. In accordance with the design of bidirectional eight driveways, the new bridge is to start construction in January of 2012 and is scheduled to be completed and open to traffic in June of 2014.

Gai Sihai, the engineer who conducted the blasting, revealed that only the main bridge was dismantled through blasting, and the two approach bridges were mechanically pulled down due to the close distance to citizens’ housing. Three bridge towers and 39 piers were exploded this time, with 100 milliseconds interval between explosion of each bridge pier.

The explosion is recognized as”Changsha’s Largest Bridge Blasting”for its large amount of explosives as well as environmental complexity.

Waste residues in the riverway will be disposed within seven days after explosion so as to avoid water pollution. It will take 50 days to finish the mechanical demolition of the approach bridges and clean up wastes.

Translator: Ma Huiqin
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal