“My Chinese Dream”The Awards Ceremony of the Composition Contest was Held

On the arrival of International Children’s Day, the awards ceremony of the composition contest –“My Chinese Dream” (June 1) is Held in Zhangjiajie Tianmen elementary school. About 800 people from relevant units and departments attend the ceremony.

The composition contest –“My Chinese Dream” consists of three groups:primary school, junior high school and senior high school, of which 36 compositions, 12 children’s folk songs and 12 paintings are awarded. On the ceremony, the prize winners are honored respectively.

“Children is the future of our country, is the successor of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics. Caring about the growth of children is the common responsibility of our society. So all related departments should fully understand the importance of strengthening children’s work, creating a sound and healthy environment for life and study for children. At the same time I hope the majority of children build up lofty ideals and great ambitions to revitalize the Chinese nation, inherit and promote Chinese traditional values and achieve your lift values through realizing the great dream of China” Tian hua yu, deputy mayor of Zhangjiajie municipal people’s government and deputy director of Zhangjiajie civilized association says on the ceremony.

On the ceremony, children perform eleven different wonderful shows, such as dance, sing, textbook drama, elocntes, which arouse repeated applauses.

Translated by Crystal