Migrating Birds Arrive at the East Dongting Lake for Winter

It was learned on October 29 from the National Nature Reserve of East Dongting Lake that about 50,000 migrating birds have arrived at the East Dongting Lake for winter. After cold snap hits south China, more migrating birds will gather at the East Dongting Lake, travelling a long distance.

According to Chief of the Protection Division of the nature reserve, from the end of September, cormorants, herons, Platalea leucorodias and other types of winter birds have started arriving at East Dongting Lake in succession, with the number increasing to several thousands.

As the temperature falls gradually and with some lakeshore above the water surface, more and more migrating birds will fly to East Dongting Lake. Every year, as many as 158 kinds of birds stay here during the winter. Among them, white crane and another nine species of birds are under first-class state protection, around 120,000 birds of twenty-seven species including swan are under second-class state protection.

Translator: Zhang Minsi

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal