Many Visitors show love for《Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie》

On April 27th, in Huanglong scenic spot “China Zhangjiajie international country singles opening ceremony” location stage, we can see a lot of visitors.

Two big festival is approaching, in order to let the visitors better understand Zhangjiajie tujia customs, spread xiangxi culture essence, 《Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie》 actors walk out to invite guests at home and abroad to play drums, to let people feel the enthusiasm of tujia, Zhangjiajie folk culture experience.

It is understood that 《Misty Rain in Zhangjiajie》 program has formally opened to the performance since April 8th, loved by the masses of tourists. May Day, actors every day will be held in Huanglong bridge inspiring aloha, a series of activities such as one thousand square dance.

Translated by Sophia