Yang Jiajie Mysterious Plant was identified as “Zhangjiajie Cuckoo”

“This is Zhangjiajie cuckoo!” On April 28th, Yang Jiajie scenic area management committee resources mysterious plant protection station staff found that four years ago, by the provincial and municipal experts, identify plants finally got an authoritative results.

In early May 2012, Yang Jiajie protect staff found mysterious wild plants, at an altitude of a kilometre cliff spreading around branch growth. The growth was slow, petiole ca. 1cm long, positive green, glossy. Has found it flowering, staff picked a small branch to Zhangjiajie experts to help identify several plants, followed by several experts to on-site visit in person, which can not make accurate identification.

Since April 2013, Yang Jiajie scenic area management committee staff in April every year several times to the site observation, it was not until late April this year to see the flowering plants, and photograph the authoritative department identification.

As we have learned, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Huangshi village cuckoo is only in Zhangjiajie scenic spot, extremely difficult to find. It is Zhangjiajie biodiversity star varieties.

Translated by Sophia