Liu-jinping Delegates to Attend the 26th International Travel Exhibition

On May 30, South Korea the 26th International Tourism Exhibition is officially held in Seoul. Liu-jinping, party member of National Tourism Administration and discipline-team leader delegates to attend the exhibition. The delegation is composed by 19 provinces, such as Hunan, Tianjin, Hebei, Zhejiang and Qinghai, etc.

The stand for China this time covers an area of 270 square meters. The exhibition, themed with “Travel in the Beautiful China”, highlights rich travel resources such as the Chinese historical culture, natural mountains and rivers, national customs and holidays. According to the requirements and features of travel market, the exhibition introduces different travel products and routes, such as the ancient tea horse road, silk road, yangtze river delta, honeymoon journey, etc. Many local travel wholesalers and the masses come to consult and make transaction, which make the exhibition live to its expectations.

In order to create marketing atmosphere in the scene, the Chinese exhibitors prepare many wonderful programs with Chinese characteristics, such as Peking Opera, Change Face and lion dance, etc.

Translated by Crystal