Lishui Peninsula will settle in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon ITL Tourist Economic Zone

A few days ago, Lishui peninsula international tourist holiday zone project officially settled in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon International Tourist Economic Zone after signing the contract. This project is located in Xikou Town, CiliCounty. It has an overall area of 18000 mu, including 7000 mu lake area. Lishui River flows through its center. This project will be invested 3 billion yuan by HK Wenhua investment Limited Corporation and Longhua Group Limited.

As introduced by the operator of this project, Lishui Peninsula international tourist holiday zone will be put into service in 2016. Lishui Peninsula will remodel the bustling scene of Lishui River, create a window for visitors to find Wulingyuan culture and converge Hunan minority folk customs. What’s more, there will also appear a water night-tour system “mysterious Wulingyuan”, which is the unique aquatic amusement at night in Zhangjiajie. So, Lishui peninsula international tourist holiday zone will perfect the existing travel industrial chain in Zhangjiajie.

Translated by Becky