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Launch the Through Train Guangzhou—Zhangjiajie

Which sourced from Sanmao Railway recently,A through train K9068/67 from Zhaoqing (Guangzhou province) to Zhangjiajie launched,

By report, on 1st July 2012, there are adjustments and stops of some trains in Foshan train station will be implemented. The train K9068/67 departing from Zhaoqing to Jishou has prolonged the destination to Zhangjiajie.

In July, passengers from Guangzhou province to Zhangjiajie Western Hunan can enjoy the through train.

Furthermore, the route of train K811 from Guangzhou to Chongqing has adjusted greatly. In detail, K811 is renamed K814 departing from Zhaoqing and its shutdown starts on 30th June. Also, the stations along the way changed.

Translated by Aileen