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Korean Star Kim Soo-hyun will join-in the 19th Zhangjiajie limit golf challenge

On September 15th, From the 19th Zhangjiajie limit golf challenge organizing committee, They have a contact with a number of entertainment star, One of the most likely mystery guest is extremely popular South Korean star Kim Soo-hyun. Will it be a big attraction?

Famous actor Kim soo-hyun, South Korea, With TV series “You are from the stars”, He has won great best actor award, Including film and television popular double winner, With three trophies in a single session of winning new record for the number.

Golf “Extreme 19th hole” is also called “The world’s most difficult hole”. It is created from Legends, South Africa golf course. The players must stand at 426m on the top of the mountain to the foot of the 19th hole, This game is also called “Extreme 19th hole”. Media have described it is equivalent to the “Mount Everest” in golf, if you want to the ball into the hole, difficulty can be imagined.

Translated by Sophia