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Korean Delegation Visits Hunan to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Jiang Zuobing, deputy director of the standing committee of Hunan Provincial People’s Congress, met in Changsha with a South Korean delegation led by Chairman of the IEF (International E-sport Festival) Organizing Committee Nam Kyung-pil on September 27.

The delegation, consisting of 11 members including entrepreneurs and representatives of South Korea National Assembly visited Hunan from September 26 and 29. They aim to celebrate the 20th anniversary of establishment of China-South Korea diplomatic tie and promote bilateral cooperation.

Mr. Jiang extended welcome to Korean guests and briefed them on the province’s current situation.

Mr. Nam Kyung-pil remarked that the issues like unequal distribution of income and urban-rural gap should be paid great attention by both countries. He hoped that China and South Korean could realize mutual benefits through learning from each other and jointly exploring solutions on these issues.

Translator: Wang Bilian

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal