Korea teenagers come to Zhangjiajie to Develop Culture Communication

In the morning of Nov.13th, 18 people including ten teenagers, 4 officers and companions from Hedong County in Korea communicated with 10 teachers and students from the primary school in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park on culture. They toured the route of which theme is “culture and science popularization tour in forest” together, which has further strengthened the communication and merge of cultures between two countries.

Along the Golden Whip Stream, they were touring and talking. Under the guidance of group leader, 20 teenagers were divided into 10 groups with 2 persons in a group to make them fully communicate with each other. All teenagers fervently and actively communicated with each other on learning and living. Finally, teenagers from Hedong canton sent gifts to those pupils from Zhangjiajie National Forest Park School as a memory, which made atmosphere very warm.

Above all, this successful communication activity between Chinese and Korean teenagers not only increases mutual understanding on living, learning, ideas etc. between them but also strengthens their connections. It lays a solid foundation for teenagers’ co-development between China and Korea.

By Brenda