Julian Boulle Won 2012 Champion in Zhangjiajie Wing-suit Flying

After two days of furious competition, human no powered flight speed peak wars, which known as “air F1″ – the first wing-suit flyingt world championships was held on 18th Oct,2012, in the tianmen mountain scenic area of zhangjiajie, South Africa player Julian Boulle successfully won the champion.

The final still used the method of each participant flight two rounds, taking the best results to ranking mode. In the morning of the first flight round, in 17th, there were only South African player Julian Boulle and Norway player Espen Fadnes recorded into the first 24 seconds, leading obvious advantages.

In the afternoon, during the second contest, Julian Boulle remained a stable play to win the best result and finally with the final 23 seconds in the first round won the championship crown. Norwegian player Espen Fadnes and British players James Boole respectively by 23 seconds 55 and 23 seconds 84 won the runner-up and third place.

Translated by Sophia