Jishou Drum Cultural Festival Presents Variety of Famous Drum Performances

The 2013 Jishou International Drum Cultural Festival sponsored by the CPC Jishou Municipal Committee and Jishou Municipal People's Government is slated for November 8 to 10 in western Hunan's Jishou City. Performances of various famous drums from different places such as Miao Drum from western Hunan, Wooden Drum from Guizhou, North Korean Long Drum from Jilin, Bronze Drum from the Zhuang nationality in Guangxi, Ten Drum from Taiwan, and African Drums are expected to get together to "inspire" the world. 

This is the first time for Jishou to hold such an international level drum cultural festival which is themed "International Drum Dances Inspire the World". The drum corps invited are mainly those included in the national level intangible cultural heritage projects. Six theme activities are set to be held, including the opening ceremony under the Aizhai Bridge, the championship between the 6th generation of Chinese Miao Nationality Drum Queen and the 3rd generation of Chinese Miao Nationality Monkey Drum King in Dehang Scenic Spot, the drum cultural festival and Western Hunan Cultural Tourism Summit Forum in Jishou University, the international drum cultural exchange exhibition in the People's Square of Jishou City, the Tiangu Hotel investment attraction signing ceremony, and the Aizhai Sky Way Bicycle Riding Championship.

The drum dance performed at the Jishou International Drum Cultural Festival Press Conference impresses the audience.

Miao nationality toasting songs are filled with enthusiasm and characteristics.

Translator: Hao Jingru

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal