Zhangjiajie Entry-Exist Personnel Exceeded 90 Thousand

Until October, 20th, Zhangjiajie border crossing has ushered 90,792 people of entry and exist in 2013, having doubled compared with the amount of 2012. That is also the first time for Zhangjiajie to exceed 90 thousand people in annual entry and exist passenger flow volume. At the same time, it renewed the historical recorders in Zhangjiajie port since its opening.

This year witnessed the opening of Zhangjiajie-Taiwan airline, gradually mature Zhangjiajie-Korea airline and continuous development of Zhangjiajie-Thailand airline. Large quantities of visitors come to Zhangjiajie for sightseeing in direct routes. Besides, Zhangjiajie and citizens from surrounding cities go abroad for shopping and relaxing from Zhangjiajie port. So, Zhangjiajie presented a rapidly increasing double-directed passenger flow.

Generally, international airlines increase to 7 from previously 4 and involved air companies increased to 11 from 5 last year. Flights also soared to 703 from last year’s 309. Analyzing from the structure of entry-exist personnel, inland citizens and Taiwan travelers takes up the largest proportion, they takes up 1% and 29% accordingly.

Translated by Becky