Jingzhou Miao People Joyfully Celebrate Miao Festival

Dec 31st-Jan 1st in Chinese calendar, is the very Miao Festival for Miao people. It is a day to observe harvest for local people, make glutinous rice cake to treat guests coming afar and has been selected into the second group of National Intangible Culture Heritage List in 2007.

In this year, Jan 1st, 2014, in Di Sun Miao village-The national 3A scenic spot, tourists and photographers are teemed in the village: Drinking sandbar dotted horn wine, Tasting delicious Miao oil team, Eating special Miao soup, Walking on stilts, Rolling loop and beating spinning top with Miao people, Taking part in Miao people’s triathlon contest and watching Miao people’s wonderful folk custom performance. When night falls, The bonfire is on and tourists dance and sing to enjoy the Miao festival with the local people.

By Crystal