“China Dream” 3D Art Exhibition Curtained up in Changsha

Fifty-two 3D large-scale pictures reappearing mammoth Chinese history with powerful visual impact shocking you… On Jan 2nd, “China Dream” 3D Art Exhibition unveils in the City Infospace of Shuguang Northern Road. It will last until March 19th. Look forward to your attendance.

Themed with “China Dream”, “China Heart”,The art exhibition adapts the technique of expression of 3D magic art and set up several theme-centered parts to unfold in timer shaft: Tales of the Past, Ancient Civilization, Classic Culture, Modern History, Opening up and Reform, from which the vivid scenes of scenery, character and events are reappearing and enable the audience esp, Teenagers to enter into the real history of patriotism. It is reported “China Dream” 3D Art Exhibition has already been showed in Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu, Wuhan and Shenyang, Etc.

By Crystal