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Jean-Yves Blondeau Challenges the 99 bendings of Tianmenshan in Zhangjiajie

Blondeau′s biggest interest is challenging the high and dangerous highway by roller skating throughout the world.Not long ago, he had slipped from the top of the Swiss Alps mountain, at the speed of 70 miles per hour. This time, he turned his light to the TongTian avenue of TianMen mountain which with the reputation of ”China limited road” , thus he wanted here to create new miracles.

The 99 bendings of TianMen Mountain, every bending would let people lose their life. On July 22, with the reputation of “roller skating angle,” the French super skating roller Jean-Yves Blondeau with roller skating technical challenged TongTian avenue of TianMen mountain. The avenue was a directional quadrates to natural wonders Tianmen caven, a ” the first wonders of world highway.” After the “wing with Peter pan” show on September 24, 2011, it was a breathtaking and spectacular activity.

Jean-Yves Blondeau was recognized as the strongest, the bravest roller skating master. Because he often took the risk in all over the world for high speed shating on the highway of dangerous mountains. The creation of more than 110 kilometers per hour, it was difficult for others to reach the roller skating speed records. The handsome cool human body roller skating had attracted many scholars, in his student, had the world famous film star Jackie chan. Jackie chan learned roller skating, would want to use roller skating technology in the latest action film which did not release to the publicin, thus let the audience shine at the moment.

Translated by Sophia