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International Extreme Cyclists Compete at Zhangjiajie Huangshizhai

Zhangjiajie outdoor paradise, We can see extreme challenge in Zhangjiajie Huangshi Village.On November 8th, 2015 China Zhangjiajie bike outdoor carnival and Huangshi Village limited bike challenge activities was successfully held in World Natural Heritage Sites Wulingyuan.After intense competition, finally from Taiwan Jiang Sihan got the limited downhill race champion, Canadian contestant Doug Sharp won the champion of jump contest.

42 limit cyclists from different countries and regions attended the limited downhill and aerial platform leap. Hundreds of journalists and thousands of tourists witnessed the marriage of sports travel event.The contestants started in Huangshi Village from the top of the mountain, nearly 4,000 winding and steep steps along the way downhill, through the Longfeng jungle ancient temples, finally reached the finishing line.In the whole process of the downhill, the players turned around, passed obstacles, arrived at the destination at the fastest speed.After the limited jungle downhill, the players then in Huangshi Village under the cableway station platform for aerial leap.

Zhangjiajie Huangshi Village bicycle limited downhill track is built in October this year. It is the world’s first limited downhill race track.The circuit according to the international mountain downhill requirement construction, it has a total length of 4.08 km, total drops 477 meters.This is one of the strongest integrated circuit, including the stone steps, platform, jungle, slope, tunnel, gravel road, stone, cement road, all sorts of road conditions, with a strong challenge. It is a big test for the player’s technology, energy, courage, anticipation ability and psychology ability.

Translated by Sophia