Indonesian Traveling Salemen Exclaim Zhangjiajie’s Beauty;Direct Flight to Be promoted

On Dec 10th, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan travel promotion team pays visit to the biggest entry and exit travel agnency Panorama Tours in Indonesia. Mr.Budi Titawisatage, The general maneger of the agency remarks they plan to organize company top officals and foreign center group staff to visit Zhangjiajie for inspecting travel resources in 2014, hoping to build a long-term anf friendly travel cooperation relations with Zhangjiajie.

On that very day, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan travel promotion team visit Panorama Tours’ household overseas travel group center, group award center and other foreign travel key working sectors, learning the company’s travel product development, route packing and attraction image promotion in foreign countries. It is reported Panorama Tours organizes neasr 700,000 tourists to travel to China every year and recepted over two million Chinese tourists coming to Indonesia for sightseeing. The recommended time for Indonesian tourists to travel in Zhangjiajie is focused in May to Oct, and about 6,000 Indonesian tourists have been sent to Zhangjiajie in 2013.

Mr.Budi Titawisatage thinks highly of Zhangjiajie’s visit to Indonesia for recommending their travel scenery. He remarks although there is rare travel attractions to come to Indonesia for promoting travel products, Zhangjiajie takes a first step, which makes their travel counterparts pay respect to them; he also indicates from next year, They will list Zhangjiajie into the key travel promotion routes in China and try to open the direct chater flights between Dajakarta-Guangzhou(Chengdu)-Zhangjiajie or Dajakarta-Zhangjiajie.

During the visit, on behalf of Zhangjiajie government, Li xueqing, Vice director of Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau, awards the Tourism Contribution medal to panorma, for prasing their devotion to bilateral travel cooperation. Hou jiaji, deputy secretary of Wulingyuan invites Mr.Budi Titawisatage to come to Zhangjiajie for field travel resources inspection.

By Crystal