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In Side Out Programs Will Open 2013 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week

In 2013 zhangjiajie international country music, The father of contemporary country music, Mark will open the festival with his agent Fu Han. In Side Out Programs, combines the western king of the folk musical instruments guitar and the king of chinese folk music Erhu, to give a wonderful performance.

Mark is on behalf of the foreign countries, Fu Han is on behalf of China. Mark doesn’t hope that too busy daily work will bury Fu Han music talent. She has studied Erhu, and the creation of Mark’s songs has her effort. With the encouragement,In Side Out Programs will form. The combination of the western and Chinese language, culture, music, and instruments will give people what they want to see.

This Program will add many new elements for national wind. Through the collision and fusion of different culture, it will endowa new life to traditional folk music forms, which will bring the world audiences unprecedented fresh feeling and experience.

Translated by Sophia