Fenghuang,Xiangxi Brings in the first“Fireproofing Artifact”

On August 26th, source from Hunan fire station has learned that Fenghuang,Xiangxi,Hunan has brought in fire emergency broadcast system, taking the lead among domestic ancient scenic spots.

The fire emergency broadcast system in Fenghuang is the first case in domestic ancient scenic spots. It is a multi-functional and comprehensive outdoors stereo broadcast system combined with FM radio station and fire emergency broadcast system. Now active FM stereos have been stalled in 110FM stereos places along the street corners and commercial tenants operation places of the ancient city.

In future, tourist can listen to program and safety knowledge in FM 94.4 as well as the urgent government files, notices and policy. Once fire breaks off in the city, the radio station can act as fire emergency broadcast system, providing communication guarantee for evacuation, fire rescue, and fire control.

As a national famous scenic spot, Fenghuang witnesses over seven million tourists every year. Due to its wooden buildings and compactness of its houses, large destroy may result in once a fire breaks off. Thus in recent years, the local government strengthen fund input on fireproofing patrol team, fireproofing motors, firearms in shops and bars and other places in the city, fireproofing knowledge assimilation.

By Crystal