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Hunan’s First New Media Platform–“Palm Zhangjiajie”Released

On August 29th, Built by Zhangjiajie City Network promotion office, Zhangjiajie Daily Newspaper office and Zhangjiajie News Network, The first prefecture-level palm new media platform–“Palm Zhangjiajie” is officially on line, Xu huaiming, member of Zhangjiajie standing committee and director of Zhangjiajie propaganda sector attends the ceremony and makes comments.

Xu huaiming delivers his praise and approval to “Palm Zhangjiajie”, indicates that with the development of technology and media, we should develop traditional media as well as see the expectations of future trend; “Palm Zhangjiajie” is the very practice and success for exploration and thought, which meets the demand of new mobile media and satisfies the need for public life information from Zhangjiajie citizens or tourists in Zhangjiajie.

It is reported that the first prefecture-level palm new media platform–“Palm Zhangjiajie”, Combined with many functions, such as information, travel, broadcast, special, photo, weather, scan-life. It can imitate technology of real reading, re-show the original reading feel of media, timely update news channel and master the newest trends of abroad. The user of Andriod can log in Appchina and Andriod market in computer or mobile phone, the user of iphone can log in APP Store and search “Palm Zhangjiajie”in iTunes and then he can download Andriod for free.

By Crystal