Hunan's First Mass Dragon Boat Race Finals in Yueyang

On June 12, the Jubo Cup Hunan First Mass Dragon Boat Race Finals were held by the Miluo River bank in Yueyang. Around 1,360 competitors of 62 teams, from Hunan's 14 cities and prefecture, participated in the competition. Over 10,000 audiences witnessed the festive and grand sports feast.

The race was organized by such governmental departments as the Publicity Department of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the Sports Bureau of Hunan Province. Every top three teams in the preliminary races in divisional places, including Miluo of Yueyang, Zixing of Chenzhou, Wangcheng of Changsha, and Yuanling of Huaihua, went up for the final race. Final top three of 500-meter straightway racing and 200-meter straightway racing would be awarded, and an award for good sportsmanship was set up.

A group of dragon boat teams compete in race.

Over 10,000 audiences witness the grand sports feast.

Translator: Li Xuan