Hunan's First Accreditation of Intangible Cultural Heritage was held

The Luzhou Laojiao Cup Gala to celebrate the implementation of Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Law and Presenting Ceremony of Hunan's First Accreditation of Intangible Cultural Heritage was held in Changsha on the evening of June 12.
The programs performed on the gala were representative of intangible cultural heritage items. The opening dance Huayao Minority Girls presented the scene of Huayao minority girls in Longhui County happily frolicking in the village after farming work, which embodied the girls' satisfaction with present life and a great longing for a better life in the future.
Going through recommendation, re-exanimation, review, primary selection, public notice, inspection, voting and final appraisal, the accreditation activity lasted for five months and finally chose Hunan's ten most charming intangible cultural heritage items and recipients of other three awards.
Wang Xiaoqin, vice chairwoman of the CPPCC Hunan Provincial Committee and veteran comrade Zhu Dongyang presented awards and conferred plates to the finalists winning the four major awards. Vice Chairwoman Wang and other leaders went onto stage to give ten people such as Lei Xiaoda the Special Contribution Award for protecting the intangible cultural heritage.

Translator: Xie Lingli
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal