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Hunanese Build Agricultural Industrial Park in Finland

In Kouvola City of Finland, reporters witnessed the development of Hunan Agricultural Industrial Park in Northern Europe in late June. The industrial park, invested by Finland Datang Group, is projected to be a green and organic modern industrial park that focuses on boosting eco-agriculture and producing edible mushrooms, fruits and vegetables. 

Board Chairman of Finland Datang Group Tang Yong, a true Hunanese, announced that the group has been building the park and inviting businesses at the same time, and their efforts have paid off. Since the start of preparation for the industrial park in last February, Finland Datang Group has succeeded in avoiding a prolonged construction period by purchasing and acquiring local businesses. Currently the park has an office area of 150 mu (10 hectares).

After various investment fairs across the province and field trips of interested companies, Hunan Agricultural Industrial Park in Northern Europe, the first “home” of Hunan people in Northern Europe, gained growing popularity. Two companies started their stationing there in 2014 and four new ones have contracted their entrance this year. 

Translator: Liu Fen

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal