Hunan Shaoshan Self-drive Tourists Visit Moscow

During the self-drive tour from Shaoshan (hometown of Chairman Mao Zedong) to Moscow (hometown of Vladimir Lenin, Russian communist and proletarian revolutionist), the tourists arrived in Moscow, the third stop of their tour on July 2. They spent one and a half days visiting Lenin’s Mausoleum and the Monument to Anonymous Revolutionary Martyrs at Red Square, Victory Square, Novodevichy Cemetery, the Kremlin, and Arbat Street, to experience the revolutionary spirit of Russia.

Famous contemporary writer Wang Yuewen, as one of the members of the self-drive tour, said that the tour from Shaoshan to Ulyanovsk represented the Chinese people’s exploration of revolutionary path, while the route from Ulyanovsk to Shaoshan reflected Chinese people’s practice of the revolutionary path. Chinese people’s arduousness in the past century contributes to the glory today, and we have to respect history and reality when heading for the future.

During the next few days, these Chinese tourists are scheduled to go to Kazan and St. Petersburg, and conduct self-drive tour in Ulyanovsk in an attempt to retrace Lenin’s revolution route.

Self-drive tourists arrive at Red Square in Moscow at 9:30 a.m. on July 2, local time.

Tourists are visiting Lenin’s Mausoleum at Red Square in Moscow.

The square to commemorate the victory of World War II

Translator: Wang Xiaolu

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal